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Where You May Find God

“Where You May Find God”, a portrait of Albert Einstein, an interpretation of his views on God (watercolor).

Jason Eslamieh studied art under the tutelage of Mr. Hossain Chiti one of the most influential and recognized artists in Yazd. During his intensive three year art program, Jason received a number of awards and was recognized both locally and nationally. One of his most controversial paintings, “The Devil Lives There” was published in, Kayhan, a well known national newspaper at that time. His specialties are oil, pencil, and ball-point sketches.

The samples on this site are as follows:

“Love is Selfish”, an interpretation of a poem written by Hafiz (Ink on paper).

Love is Selfish

“Future Construction Site”, Fear for the future of Sedona and the impact of population growth on our natural resources (Ball point pen).

Future Construction Site

“The Last of the Marshlands” inspired by the disappearing marshlands (Water color).

The Last of the Marshlands

“Blinding Light” (Oil on canvas)

Blinding Light

“The African Dancer”, an embedded image of Africa (sculpture)

The African Dancer


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