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Ahmad, by Jason Eslamieh

Saturday, June 18th, 2011


A few strands of hair on his chin

An early sign of puberty

Boy to man

His head is buzzed, clean and perfectly round

Holding back his smile, no clue why

The call to heaven, no questions asked

His younger brother standing by the doorway

Eyes wide open, gazing no where

His father standing a few feet away, eyes glazed over

His mother kisses him goodbye tears rushing down

She looks up in the sky to the heaven above

She sees more sky

Searching for heaven, believed it was somewhere beyond the color blue where God is watching over her son.

Under his white cotton shirt buttoned up to his neck

A bomb wrapped around his waist.

His jacket covers him good in the chilly afternoon

He walks away with an older man who told him about the myth

A free pass to heaven, 72 virgins and an eternity with God.

They blend in with the crowd in the busy down town

He hops onto a crowded bus, his uncle stays behind

He sits down on the cold metal bench

Seems too shy to look up to see the children, women or elderly

Sitting across the aisle

Lives he holds in the palms of his hands

Shattered glass, the sounds of screams, and smoke rising to the sky

Same place his mother looked and saw heaven, angels and God

Some myths are as beautiful as the unicorn, others kill like God