Creating “perfect” Boswellia

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  1. Jadefaerietriste Says:

    I have just read your article and am wondering which, if any, of the hybrids might be available for sale this spring? which ones in particular are you going to continue to cultivate in the hope of a true breeding line? which may be suitable for outdoor growing in Kansas? Thank you!

  2. admin Says:

    Since this article was published, I have done four additional hybrids. All six are published in the new book (Cultivation of Boswellia). We (The Miniatree Garden) are planning to offer a small quantity of these hybrids this spring.
    Regarding cold hardiness of these hybrids, it is important to recognize that the term “cold-hardy” means a few nights of frost with some protection. No Boswellia can survive weeks or months of freezing temperatures.
    The rate of cold hardiness is directly proportional to the caliper/size of the tree. The larger the tree the more tolerance to cold temperature. Other factors are humidity and wind-chill temperature. Plants freeze a lot faster in dry and cold than they do in humid and cold.

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