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“Two wings” a symbol of equality between men and women and a highly regarded principle in the Bahá’í Faith, was the theme for this project. The ideology that no bird can fly with only one wing became the catalyst in building our design concept and the shape and imagery of a bird began forming the Worship Hall.

The Worship Hall anchors the two adjacent facilities, the educational complex and the youth center, with an intersecting gateway dedicated to the Twin Prophets of the Bahá’í Faith. This gateway is supported by two prominent columns while cantilevered on both ends to symbolize the nature of God which has no beginning and no end.

The Worship Hall proudly stands at the edge of a natural wash rising up and becoming an extension of the earth to support the Faith’s symbol of a nine-pointed star and branding a new logo for a new era.

To bring unity and architectural harmony to all three structures, we took our previously developed vocabularies and began to weave a common thread into all three structures. Together, they tell the story of the “Letters of the Living” by introducing the numbers five and nine through columns and windows. The use of copper, stone, and masonry for all three structures has created a unifying motif with a single objective.

The two natural washes that create a buffer on three sides of the property welcome and celebrate this new development with a mutual respect being given to the inevitable man-made while still preserving our natural resources.