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This small worship hall and information center was designed for a relatively new religion still in its infancy of development and recognition. This gave us an opportunity to develop a new architectural vocabulary to provide a physical identity for the young Faith and allow the architecture to be branded socially in the community.

Due to the focus of the Faith about life on earth and the absence of a physical heaven in the sky, we chose the half barrel form for the roof structure to symbolize this notion. We supported the round roof with two dominating columns as a gesture in recognizing the Faith’s two founders known as the Twin Prophets.

While considering the teachings, principles and symbolism of the Bahá’í Faith, we began to give life and meaning to many of the symbols which signifying the events and the
history of the Faith--the nine smaller columns supporting the front porch, the nine pointed star embedded in a circular stained glass window in the Great Hall, the eighteen clerestory windows representing the “Letters of Living” whose stations are similar to the Apostles in Christianity. Many other architectural interpretations spoke to the new architecture of this building that clearly created a departure from religious buildings of the past.

In 2003 the building received a Design Award with Distinction from the City of Tempe for recognizing the sensitive approach toward developing a building that became embedded into the community as a benchmark for design excellence.