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In the age of social networking and global connectivity, knowledge has become more accessible and learning from each other more fluid than ever. I hope that this site becomes a refuge for those who prefer to discuss their interests and give each other opportunity to be heard. Whether the subject matter is the arts, sciences, religion, politics, or simply the plants we love, I hope we engage intellectually and fight for our ideas with no adversity.  


One can define oneself by geography or parental linage, by a career, or even a marital status. I define myself through the journey I have taken and what I have retained in the process. My biography is leaving home in my teens, choosing a country I knew nothing about with a language I couldn’t speak; I made it my home and never looked back.  

My biography is making choices and surviving the challenges. I chose architecture knowing no two clients were ever the same or two projects ever alike. I chose poetry so I could  have a right to new perceptions and give my abstract expressions, I chose to write to become others I could never be or simply share an experience, I chose to draw and paint to change my world from constancy. So, I am unstable in that sense but stable in knowing where I came from and where I like to go…and that is from the unknown to the undiscovered.