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William Sears, appointed the last “Hand of the Cause of God” of the Bahá’í Faith, dedicated his life to his religion.  While he was known for many attributes and virtues, it was his humility that so deeply touched those who encountered his presence.  This small, humble Praying Pavilion was designed to celebrate his life and the honor he felt as a servant to his Faith.

When initially asked by the Board of Directors of Desert Rose to design the pavilion, we spent months studying and learning about Mr. Sears’ achievements and his role in the Bahá’í community.  We then began to synthesize a design concept that would be worthy of his station and representative of what he would have liked if he was alive.

Early on while getting to know his character and his love for his wife Marguerite, whether it was a vision or a dream, we made the decision to include Marguerite in the design and began designing a building that told the story of two people deeply in love with each other and their Faith.

These two interlocking circles with shiny copper roofs reflect the soul of this architecture and come together in one common area which becomes the central fireplace symbolizing the fire that burned within their hearts for the Faith they loved. Near the fireplace, we introduced two small fountains distinct in every aspect, but both conveying a sense of tranquility. Fire and water, the two most cleansing elements of nature, are a simple gesture symbolizing the pure hearts of William and Marguerite Sears. We believe that Mr. Sears would have liked the pavilion, the garden that surrounded it, and the nine and nineteen arches that wrap the structure like arms protecting the many hidden symbols of tribulations, tests and rewards.

Although this project was not built and instead, a gazebo-like structure was erected to honor William Sears, we have no regrets about taking our journey in getting to know him and recognizing his station.