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This contemporary 8,000 square foot house is nestled in a small valley wrapped with hills and natural terrain in the town of Carefree. The massing of the structure has been carefully juxtaposed to take advantage of every view surrounding the property. The glass walls on the North and South, while distinct in separating the interior from the exterior,  have become a translucent element creating an inseparable link between the outdoor living and the indoor spaces.

Our design emphasis has been put on space, forms, and volume creating a sense of elegance and grandeur without artificial ornamentation and decoration. The outcome has become a structure with a vocabulary of honesty and pure forms as the very fabric of this house.

Through tenacity and persistent reasoning, we were able to overcome many of the arbitrary design restrictions and demands put on the creative process by the Home Owner Association, and in the end, we created a unique architecture that is diverse to its community while belonging to the site, the environment and which clearly met the Abbasians’ building program and needs.