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This 4,500 square feet residence is located in a gated community in Gilbert with Architectural Guidelines restricted to typical Southwest motifs. The lot size is 60 x 100 feet located at the end of a cul-de-sac with a very narrow frontage. The program required a three car garage, four large bedrooms, family and living rooms, formal dining, large kitchen and breakfast area, library, and home office with a contemporary style.

We turned the house at an angle to achieve a three car-garage hidden from the street while providing an inviting entry. We juxtaposed the spaces vertically and horizontally on three levels in order to create interior architectural spaces and also to allow for an enclosed private courtyard with the swimming pool.

The interior of the house is interwoven with the exterior in a fashion so that the narrowness of the lot has become inconsequential. Utilizing a glass wall to separate the dining room from the courtyard allows both spaces to become an extension of each other. The marriage of the interior and exterior spaces provides a functional extension from the kitchen to the patio and visually to the lake beyond.

The second floor master suite overlooks the lake and the courtyard with balconies on both sides. The library has been isolated from the rest of the house as a quiet retreat on the second floor while taking advantage of the panoramic view of the lake.

A difficult lot, an oversized program, uncompromising architectural restrictions and many other variables did not compromise our design objectives in order to create a contemporary house with character and style while still meeting the community’s design guidelines.