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This circular three-story house has been designed with multiple radii and then sculptured with masses and voids by pulling and pushing the building masses into a structure of free forms with no beginning nor end. The view to the North and East is uninterrupted and one can see where the sky meets the land. For the view and for sun protection from the East, balcony and overhangs extend twelve feet beyond the glass walls facing both orientations.

The steep slope to the North and East has created a unique opportunity to allow the basement to have an all glass wall embedded into the hillside on the North. To the Northeast, we located the negative-edge swimming pool creating a waterfall into a large half circular fountain with natural stone seating. This hillside patio can be a gathering place for large parties or simply a quiet place to read and enjoy the panoramic view.

The primary reason for the circular design was the need for an open floor plan to entertain large groups in a harmonious and contiguous setting so that the hospitality of the host is received and enjoyed by everyone. The central atrium with wrapping staircases and the circular commercial size kitchen has made this house a social hub inside and outside.